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The Childcare and Preschool market in India is expected to grow at a rate of about 31.8% until 2021. Thus, as you can imagine, preschool is the buzzword for entrepreneurs today. But, establishing a preschool of your own is easier said than done. Preschools are responsible for channeling the child's mental and emotional development. You need a good curriculum, good teachers, trained staff and a lot more infrastructure. It's a lot to ask for. Thus, what entrepreneurs are realizing is that it's better to take on a preschool franchise than start one up yourself.

Little Ville: The Best Preschool Franchise

Just as every school is different, all preschool franchises are not the same. Some do not offer a good enough ROI while others offer minimal support for curriculum and teacher training. If you're passionate about revolutionizing the educational space, you should join hands with Little Ville.

Little Ville believes that learning should be fun. With this approach, the brand seeks to stimulate young minds to be inquisitive, to notice the world around them and seek answers for all their questions. The teachers here act as guides for children moving along this path of self-discovery. Programs offered by the brand include daycare, nursery, playgroup, KG and after school activities. There are currently 100 franchises operational across different cities and states.

Little Ville is not the only preschool franchise available but it sets itself far apart from the rest. Here's how:

Wholesome Curriculum

Little Ville follows and promotes a specialized curriculum known as IGNITE. This curriculum incorporates the best learning practices with a practical approach. IGNITE focuses not just on academics but on a child's holistic development. Little Ville gives all its franchise owners access to this curriculum and trains teachers on how to use it. Little Ville also shares an average of 1200 worksheets per program with franchises to ease the teacher's workload and standardize the education being imparted.

On paper at least, all other preschools too boast of having a planned curriculum but not all of these curriculum plans are practical. Many exist only in brochures and flyers. Most other preschool franchises do not pay attention to the standardization of worksheets etc. and do not distribute more than 70-150 worksheets.

24x7 Training

Little Ville understand s the value of training teachers to bring out the best in their students. Each new batch of students brings with them new challenges and training helps overcome these challenges. With that in mind, the Little Ville training cell provides 24 x 7 support to all its franchisees. Training workshops are conducted regularly for teachers and principals at no additional cost. After all, the way a teacher teaches in the classroom will ultimately reflect on the Little Ville brand. On the other hand, other preschool franchisors give the responsibility of training teachers to the franchise owners. If at all, they offer training modules only once or twice in the year.

Customized Equipment and Design Support

Little Ville recognizes that all franchise owners have different budgets. Thus, the list of toys and equipment required for each preschool is customized to meet the franchise owner's budget. This list suggests items that Little Ville believes will be useful. Franchise owners are then free to source this equipment. On the other hand, other preschool franchises typically see this as a money-making opportunity. They share standard lists that must not only be all bought but must all be procured from the preschool itself and at inflated prices.

Similarly, Little Ville offers franchisees child-friendly interior design ideas that suit their space. The design may change from time to time but the cost, effort and operational time are very economical. The cost of design support is included within the curriculum fees

Marketing Support

One of the things franchisees expect from franchisors is help with advertising and marketing. Little Ville customizes a marketing campaign for all its franchisees. The brand also provides services such as brand name development, logo design, tagline development, pamphlet design, etc. at nominal rates. Each preschool extends marketing support in different ways but these are usually standardized and not customized to the requirements of the geographical area where the franchise is located.

Royalty and ROI

We saved the best for last. Little Ville is a royalty-free franchise. It also needs a much lower initial investment as compared to other preschool franchises. That's not all, it offers a higher ROI on your investment. Little Ville franchise owners have also proved that it takes lesser time to gain back the initial investment as compared to other franchise opportunities.

So, do you want to start a Little Ville Preschool?


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