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What is ROI (Return on investment) for preschool franchise?

As an educational entrepreneur, there are two goals your venture must achieve. Firstly, you must be able to provide good education and a strong foundation to your students. Secondly, your venture must make a profit. You would have invested a considerable amount of money into setting up a preschool and unless it offers good return on your investment, the venture will not be able to run for long.

What is ROI?

Return on Investment (ROI) measures the return on an investment to determine its efficiency. This is typically expressed in terms of a ratio or percentage. The higher the ROI, the better the investment.

How to calculate ROI ?

ROI calculation is very straightforward. You will need to know two main metrics:

  • Operational Expenditure (Opex)

  • Net Revenue

As the name suggests, operational expenditure refers to expenses that must be made to operate the preschool. This includes salaries of teachers, attendants, etc, utility expenses such as electricity, water and telephones, rent and other miscellaneous expenses.

The revenue generated by each student is the sum of tuition and other fees payable by each student. To calculate the revenue earned by the preschool, this sum must be multiplied by the number of enrolled students. Thus, your preschool's ROI is dependent on the number of students studying there.

To calculate net revenue, you must subtract the operational costs from the total revenue earned.

The ROI formula

ROI %= (Net revenue-Opex)/Opex

Let's take an example to understand this better.

Assume the total operational costs of running a preschool to be Rs 13,50,000 and the revenue earned from each student to be Rs 64,000.

If your school has 50 students, the total revenue earned would be Rs 32,00,000.

The Net revenue would be Rs 32,00,000 – 13,50,000 = 18,50,000

ROI = 18,50,000-13,50,000 / 13,50,000 = 37.04%


What is a good ROI for preschool franchise ?

As the number of students enrolled increases, so does the ROI. There may be a marginal increase in operational costs- you may need to hire more teachers but the increase in total revenue would be considerably higher.

This may tempt educational entrepreneurs to simply increase the number of students they can admit but this may not always be a good idea. Remember, there are 2 goals an educational entrepreneur must meet. The quality of education provided must always meet the highest standards. Rapid expansion can affect these standards. This is why schools limit the number of students per class.

The ideal ROI you should aim for is between 40-50%

Are you ready to start your preschool?

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