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Jr.Kg | Sr.Kg

Little Ville is the place where it brings the curiosity of child’s mind and get more exploration of the world. As children have completed learning on micro levels, they enter into advanced learning process through Macro level, learning based on the Thematic Concepts.

At this level, Self and peer learning plays a huge role. Role plays/Dramatization are emphasized learnings. Numbers and Language related activities are planned in such a way where every child experiences success in learning.

Curriculum enhances every Little Ville child at KG, to analyze the facts as well as gives them the freedom to learn and explore, this builds in healthy competence in the classroom learning. The program helps the children to be a readymade school child for formal schooling.

At KG classes children are,

  • Age appropriate with learning tools are used for the children.
  • Encourages children to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  • Allows children to grow at their own pace.
  • Building and enhancing vocabulary.
  • Innovative methods to enhance reading & writing also effective parent session on how to overcome writing challenges.

At Little Ville Preschool , we believe in “Para learning”, a complete Home -School preschool readiness.


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