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Our curriculum has incorporated the best aspects of the following approaches!

Little Ville Pedagogy

Little Ville – Fun While Learning

The academic teaching at little Ville Preschool, has a specialized methodology which is researched by dedicated early childhood expertise. Every child preferred learning style is identified at LittleVille according to the desired learning style of a child and a whole range of effective life skills are incorporated through a specialized curriculum termed “IGNITE”.

“IGNITE”, meaning “Arise, spark and Grow”. We frame every child to nurture in this way. “Ignite”, encompasses of internationally accepted early childhood educational approaches and has incorporated the best practice aspects of learning.

The Unique pedagogy, at little Ville centers believe each child have their own internal guidance for self-directed development through enriched activities. Knowing on how and what to think! Apparently, emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.

IGNITE, Children from birth are full of potential and capabilities and it is our responsibility to develop that potential at Little Ville. According to the approach facilitators, parents get in on the process of educating and nurturing the little ones.

Our classrooms are designed for children to grow and learn in a clean, safe, creative and caring environment. Regular audits and training provided to ensure the excellent quality at every Little Ville. Ignite Focuses on holistic development of children which includes Physical, Intellectual, Socio- emotional and as well as creative development. These domains of development are considered for Assessing individual child to monitor their growth and development.

At Little Ville, we organize Ignite Teachers Training Program, wherein every teacher will undergo 20 to 25hours of training session on child psychology, creative teaching, Importance on Child care, constant training on to be a ideal teacher.

“To supervise the curriculum implementation, regular Academic visits and supervision are carried out month on month.

Under the IGNITE CURRICULAM implementation, Little Ville organizes a complete need-based teacher skill enhancement program “VRIDHI”. The program specially caters to all the teachers on creative teaching methodology and class implementation for every child to be excelled in their academic as well as other areas of development.

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