How much does it cost to open a
preschool franchise in India

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about making profits and working for yourself. For many entrepreneurs, this is an opportunity to help others. Educational entrepreneurship is all about helping children build a strong foundation for their future. And the most common avenue for educational entrepreneurs to realize their dreams is to take up a preschool franchise.

What is a preschool franchise?

A preschool is where young toddlers prepare for their schooling. Preschool focuses more on play than academics. It’s about helping a child grow mentally and emotionally. There are a number of preschool franchises educational entrepreneurs can choose to work with.

Little Ville is one of the most popular preschool franchise network and best franchise in India. There are more than 100 Little Ville franchise preschools spread across the country. These preschools offer playgroup, nursery, kindergarten and day care programs. The franchise’s mission and vision is to help children have fun while learning.

Why should you consider investing in a preschool franchise business?

There are a number of advantages to becoming a preschool franchisee.

First and foremost, as with other entrepreneurial ventures, it allows you to be your own boss. You get to set your own rules, be answerable to yourself and not be dependent on a mere monthly salary.

Second, preschools do not require as much space as a manufacturing setup or marketing office. A second home that is sitting empty is great for a preschool. Thus, this franchise opportunity is the ideal way to monetize empty spaces.

Not every entrepreneur is successful in his/ her ventures. This is one of the reasons why many entrepreneurs are hesitant about taking the first step towards realizing their dreams. When an entrepreneur takes up a franchising opportunity he gets to realize his entrepreneurial aims as well as get guidance along the way. When you undertake the Little Ville franchise opportunity, the franchisor offers support in terms of curriculum, training teachers, marketing support, etc.

How much does it Cost to take up a preschool franchise?

Preschool franchise cost varies from franchise to franchise. There are many different costs to take into consideration.

Capital Expenditure Required

The preschool franchise cost in terms of capital varies from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs or even more. If you’re looking for a franchise in India with low investment, Little Ville is the ideal franchise opportunity. The capital required to set up such a preschool franchise ranges from Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs. Some franchise models also charge a royalty fee. This may be calculated on a monthly basis or as a fee for every student enrolled in the preschool. Little Ville is a play school franchise without royalty costs.

Operational Costs

This includes the initial investment, cost of equipment, recruitment and salaries, etc. If you do not have your own space, you need to also add in the cost of buying or renting a space. You will need to buy child-friendly furniture, chairs and desks for the teachers, books, toys, audio visual equipment, safety equipment, etc. You will also need to invest in computers and their accessories such as scanners and printers for school administration.

Recurrent Costs

Investing in furniture, equipment, etc. is a one-time cost that may need to be incurred again only if excessive wear and tear damages the equipment and renders it unusable. However, there are other costs that must be incurred on a regular basis. Salaries for teachers and other staff are the most prominent of these costs. Other recurrent costs include paying utility bills for electricity, water, telephone connections, internet, website management, etc. There are also marketing costs that must be incurred with every campaign. These costs may not be the same for every campaign. In addition, there may also be miscellaneous costs.

ROI Calculator

For a playschool franchise model to be sustainable, it must make a profit. This can be expressed as ROI or Return on Investment. ROI is typically expressed in percentages that can be calculated by dividing the difference between net revenue and operational expenditure by the operational expenditure. The best franchise in India has an ROI of between 40 and 50%.


Are you ready to open a preschool franchise?

There are a number of kindergarten franchises to consider if you want to be a part of the educational entrepreneurial community. Little Ville is a great franchise opportunities for new and experienced entrepreneurs. It has a low investment requirement but a high ROI. The franchisees also get to benefit from a specially designed curriculum for students, aid with training and marketing and lots more.

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