10 Reasons why preschool franchise is ideal for women entrepreneurs


Preschool Franchise: Did you know that there are over 48 million small and large scale business franchises in India? India is considered the land of rising entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs can be found not only in sectors of IT and technology but also education. In 2015, there were 33,000 preschools in India. This number has been growing steadily ever since. Can you imagine how many preschools there are today? It may seem like a saturated market but this could not be further from the truth.

As our population keeps increasing, so does the need for preschools. Another reason for the popularity of setting up a play school franchise - low investment! Establishing a good preschool is not easy if you plan to do this on your own. This is why many educational entrepreneurs choose to set up preschools as franchise units. There are many preschool and play school franchises to choose from. One of the best amongst them is Little Ville. Little Ville offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to set up a royalty-free franchise while getting help from the preschool franchise owner for marketing, recruitment, training and everything else required to get a high ROI.

Women and Educational Entrepreneurship

In 2016, over 163 million women across the world became entrepreneurs. Women have been making their presence felt in all spheres including the education sector. When it comes to the field of education, women are no longer limiting themselves to the role of a teacher. They are in the administration team and they are founders of schools. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why setting up a pre-school franchise is a good idea for women entrepreneurs.

Natural nurturers

It’s safe to say that most women are natural nurturers. Women who have children of their own make excellent teachers and educational entrepreneurs. This is because they have been teaching and managing the development of their own children at home.


To work with children, one needs plenty of patience. Children don’t always listen to instructions, they are carefree and don’t really care too much about authority and they have very short attention spans. Women have more patience than men and for this reason are well suited to the education space.

Low on investment

Every entrepreneurial venture requires a certain amount of investment. When it comes to setting up a pre-school, the main investment is the space, equipment, marketing collateral and staff salaries. You don’t need a very large team or space. Thus, if you’re looking for a franchise in India with low investment, a preschool is a good idea. If you’re thinking of owning a franchise, this cost drops even further. For example, with a Little Ville franchise, you can own a royalty-free enterprise.

Easy bonding with children

Children naturally bond more easily with women. Women, especially those who have children of their own or those who have babysat someone else’s baby find it much easier to understand an infant’s behavior and know how to deal with their tantrums. When the children and their caregivers bond, imparting lessons becomes so much easier.

A better work life balance

This is probably one of the most common reasons why many women entrepreneurs consider schools to be the best franchise business. Pre schools usually start around 8 in the morning and the children are sent back home by the afternoon. This gives the women who run these schools enough time to balance their home life and careers. If they have infants of their own, they can also easily bring their children with them to work.


One of the important play school franchise benefits to keep in mind is the respect women get as educational entrepreneurs. Since this is considered a field where women have traditionally been employed. It is easier for society to imagine them as educational entrepreneurs. This makes some of the challenges of entrepreneurship easier to handle. For example, it is easier to convince banks to give loans for women who want to run schools as compared to women with entrepreneurial dreams in other sectors.

Natural Experience

Experience goes a long way in running a successful venture. Since almost all entrepreneurs have attended school as a child, they have a general idea of what to expect from the space. Mothers have natural experience for the educational space. They know how to keep a young mind engaged and understand the need for holistic development.

Easier to show physical affection

It is much easier for women to show physical affection as compared to men. If a man was to hug a child, he would be putting himself at risk of a complaint but when a woman does the same, it’s part of the behavior expected from her. Thus, the gender differentiation works in a woman’s favour as an educational entrepreneur.


Women are great multi-taskers and this is a vital qualification for running a preschool. They can balance planning classroom schedules with staff attendance, event planning, ordering supply and so on.

Good decision makers

Last but not the least, women are great decision makers. They do not hesitate when it comes to taking a decision. They know what they want and this plays to their advantage when running an entrepreneurial venture.

How to start a preschool franchise

Starting a preschool franchise without royalty is quite easy. The first step is to decide which franchise network you want to be a part of. Some of the factors to keep in mind are the ROI offered, type of support you can expect, minimum investment required, etc.

With over 100+ centers spread across four states, Little Ville is a great franchise for women entrepreneurs. This is one of the few preschool franchises that operate as a royalty-free venture. The investment required is minimal but you can expect a high ROI.You can check ROI(Return on Investment) here. Franchisees can also expect support with marketing collateral, recruitment and year-round training for teachers. Little Villa also has a specialized curriculum called IGNITE that focuses on a student’s holistic development.

Once you have decided on the franchise, you need to put together the required preschool franchise cost and find a space for the school. With that, you are set- start recruiting teachers and support staff, invest in some quality equipment and toys and design a flyer for admissions!

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