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Bangalore and Education

Preschool Franchise: Apart from being the electronics capital of India, Bangalore has its own lead in meritorious educational institutions. The city is home to many educational and research institutions. As it also has numerous employment and career opportunities, families across the country migrate here to fetch their livelihood chances. Thus, this creates the demand for educational institutions which also includes preschools.

Understanding the need and urge of every parent, LittleVille has established a state of the art preschool syllabus that grooms your child. We are the fastest growing preschool chain in South India, with an appreciable number of franchises. LittleVille is open to provide franchise support to interested educationists and entrepreneurs. Reach LittleVille to know more.

Steps to start a preschool franchise

Research and legalities

Getting into research and moving through legal procedures are tedious tasks in establishing a preschool. Obtaining the required approval is an important work at the beginning. As of the Indian rules and regulations, there aren’t any common norms for the entire country. but every state holds individual procedures to obtain a preschool right. LittleVille has complete knowledge over these procedures and we will help to obtain the permissions without any delay or tiredness.


Entrepreneur’s first thought will be the investment forecast and LittleVille knows the value of money. With the amount of experience and expertise, we can cut down your investment considerably and help you with the optimal usage of resources.Check our blog to know more about preschool franchise cost. This is one of the play school franchises with low investment or without royalty.


This is a factor that will be enquired and thoroughly glanced by parents before admitting their children. Every educational institution requires it to be located at a peaceful and accessible location.

A complete traffic and accessibility research will be employed by LittleVille before finalizing the location. This boosts the prospects of your business reaching a potentially much larger crowd.


Well enclosed teaching space, playground, playtime rooms within the building, resting halls, staff cabin and toilets for toddlers are some of the infrastructural aspects for a preschool. Any builder cannot possibly build the structure to the required mark. Necessary advice has to be put in to provide enough knowledge to the builder regarding specifications. LittleVille knows how to raise the structures for a preschool and also has a clever idea to select ant pre-existing structures.

Curriculum and Staffing

Considerable research has to do in finalizing the syllabus, activity enrichment and method of teaching. LittleVille has expertise in delivering the best knowledge package to the toddlers and ours is a trusted brand for the unique teaching system. Franchise holders can have hands-on similar teaching methods and curriculum which is being applauded for its quality.

Appointing qualified people is indispensable to the success of a preschool. LittleVille will help you in choosing the right candidate based on the kind of experience and also through various tests. This will ensure our preschool curriculum is thoroughly understood and taught to the children.


Finally comes marketing. The brand “LittleVille'' is most trusted around South India. Our marketing strategy has an important part in taking the brand to the larger public. We will assist you with the best practices in marketing and make your preschool franchise a successful and trusted one.

LittleVille is a fast-growing preschool franchise in Bangalore and also across various parts of South India. We are happy to associate with aspiring individuals by providing franchise rights to develop the brand. LittleVille also promises assured support from establishing the institution and also throughout its operations. Check out to know about franchise details.


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