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Little Ville offers the State of the art Franchise Support systems and cutting edge business strategies to Ensure success to all its Business Partners.

Little Ville is part of National Public School, Tamilnadu. NATIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL is a leading K-12 School offering globally accredited holistic education.

Unique support structure Includes.

  • Curriculum developed by well qualified and experienced Academicians The only brand which has its own preschool and K12 school.
  • Man power recruitment for your Preschool.
  • Facilitator's and counselor Induction and training program.
  • Unique Marketing and Advertisement strategy.
  • Brand building activities.
  • Periodic Audit to ensure Quality of Delivery and services.
  • Property finalization to set up a high quality Preschool.
  • Annual Business plan to ensure fruitful returns on Investment.

Franchise Support & Process

A) Curriculum Support.

  • In house content development team develops the content.
  • Detailed research and global approach scanning is carried out by the Content developers periodically to make the curriculum the best in the industry.
  • Facilitator’s handbook is developed to provide foolproof support system to the Business partners in terms of curriculum execution.
  • Curriculum is based on scientifically proven global approaches.

B) Manpower Recruitment Support.

  • Recruitment process is shared with the business partners.
  • Strategies to recruit the right manpower is laid out by the Little Ville team and guide the Business partner.
  • Interview support is provided to the business partner to assess the candidate.
  • Periodical training programs are conducted to upgrade the knowledge of the franchise employees.

C) Property Finalization Support.

  • The Little Ville’s Business team will actively participate in Location finalization.
  • Our team will involve with the Business partner to look out for the Right property to start the preschool.
  • Market survey guidelines and support will be provided to understand the potential of the geography to the business partner.

D) Marketing & Advertising Support.

E) Counselor Training..

F) Systems Support.

G) Facilitators Orientation Support.

The skills and attitude of the Facilitators play a vital role in delivery of curriculum, It is mandatory at Little Ville for the Facilitators to undergo an intense training program through a series of workshops, role plays, Audio Video Clips, stimulation and games.

Little Ville Curriculum is presented with a range of learning themes, each having their unique learning objectives and outcomes with Facilitators guidelines for assessment. Each theme is designed to ensure that the level of learning exceeds foundation requirements and ensures a Smooth transition.

Our training sessions are aimed at strengthening facilitators with appropriate strategies to monitor child’s development with relevant reports and tools for meaningful assessment.Apart from effective training, periodical updates are sent to Facilitators on the Development of Early Childhood Education through the administrator.

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